Level Measurements

Knowing exactly how much media is present in a tank or how much product is in a cargo hold is essential for running a ship. The measurement is usually performed by a level instrument using methods such as radar, ultrasonic, electrical capacity, floaters (relays) or pressure. A level measurement can be used in many applications e.g. automating the loading and transfer of cargo, ballast water and fuel to their respective tanks as well as ensure the stability of the vessel via level based trim monitoring.


Guided microwaves via a rod or wire.

Interface measurement in liquids

Choose the right pressure transmitter for the job

Capacitive level indication up to 400 ° C

Capacitive level measurement up to 400 ° C

Conductive level indication

The digital displacer / level meter / level transmitter optimizes the process control and displays a precise result, saving both time and money

Niveaumåling med radar i faststoffer

Level Indication with microwaves for solids and liquid

Level measurement with radar in liquids

Level measurement with Ultrasound

Radiometric measurement
- Safer and more credible than ever before.

Wireless transmission of measurement data

Signal processing of measured values

Level indication for fluid