Masoneilan - Control valve 28000 Varipak

VariPak 28000 is a compact control valve designed for applications with a low flow. Has a wide range of options and capabilities to meet the desired requirements and needs.

Top-guided design

The design gives increased spindle stability and control - even at large pressure drops - this means that shocks to the seat and cone are avoided as a result of the vibrations. This provides a reliable control and performance as well as a reduction of the mechanical wear on the trim


One size never fits all applications and therefore VariPak can be supplied with 10 different trim designs. This avoids the oversize of the valves, which promotes improved performance, which in turn results in better process efficiency and lower cost.

Adjustable flow coefficient (CV)

With the valve's adjustable CV setting, it is possible to adapt to changing operating conditions. The CV value can be increased or decreased by means of a small knob in the actuator

Compact construction

The valve design and a powerful reinforced actuator make it space-saving and easy to install. It will be possible to place the actuator's handwheel on top (standard is on the side)


The integrated housing and stuffing box cause few components and provide easy and quick access to any. replacement of gasket, cone and seat. Simplifies installation as well as possible. disassembly. Likewise, the modular actuator design, the maintenance is an easy task

CV properties

A combination of 8 different plugs and 5 different seats provides a large selection in the nominal CV value - ranging from 0.0016 to 3.8

Standard connection

The VariPak valve is used across many different industries and applications due to the flangeless connection, stainless steel design and the simple, compact and versatile design. Also available in flange design

High pressure design

The high-pressure valves are recommended for applications where the inlet pressure or pressure drop exceeds a standard VariPak's capabilities. Also include ASME class 2500

VariLog = Anti-cavitation trim design

The step-by-step trim for VariPak has an excellent anti-cavitation ability (reduction of erosion and vibration) in low flow applications. The trim design, cone and liner have a high tolerance to dirt and very wear resistant


For applications involving flammable, toxic or explosive liquids, and where a zero tolerance to emissions is required

Cryogenic media:

The VariPak complies with the requirements for applications of cryogenic media. A thermal insulation between the valve body (cold zone) and the spindle extension (hot zone). The assembly between the valve body and the spindle extension is located in the cold zone and it is easy to remove and inspect the plug without damaging the valve body. Thus, there is no need for a complicated dismantling and intervention in the thermal insulation


1 ”(DN 25) standard

1/2 ”(DN 15) and 3/4” (DN 20) on request


Spring against diaphragm, with handwheel


Pneumatic, electrical, digital positions

Proximity sensors and end stops

Magnetic valves, etc.

Key Features

  • Flexibility
  • Top-guided design
  • Adjustable flow coefficient
  • Compact construction

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