The CamFlex II control valve from Masoneilan

Masoneilan - Control valve 350002 Camflex

The CamFlex II control valve from Masoneilan, consists of valve, actuator and positions, built together in a compact unit

The design of the plug means that it does not have contact with the seat before it is in position for full closing. An axle rotation forces the plug all the way down to the seat and ensure a tight closure

  • Fewer rubs - greatly reduced friction and wear
  • Improved operating time - Increased maintenance cycles
  • Reduction of downtime and production loss
  • Longer valve life

The extended arm of the actuator allows:

  • Reduce actuator size
  • Get a faster response
  • Improve control

Unique control reliability using GE Masoneilan digital positions SVI II AP (HART) or FVP (Foundation Fieldbus)

If the need for changing the CV arises, it will usually only be necessary to simply replace the seat ring on the valve. There is also the possibility of a noise-reducing trim which is easy to retrofit

Size: 1 ”to 16” (DN 25 to DN 400)

CV: 0.5 to 3650


Flange design: ANSI 150 to 600

Flangeless: ANSI 150 to 600 UNI-DIN 10 to 100

Thread: NPT 1 ”to 2”


Cryogenic performance down to -320 ° C

Ceramic trim for abrasive media

Steam jacket for maintaining min. flow temperature

Alloy material for corrosive media

High temperature performance above 400 ° C

Softening performance

Noise-canceling trim

Flashing trim

Material valve body:

Steel, stainless steel etc.

Key Features

  • Improved operating time
  • Longer valve life
  • Reduction of downtime and production loss

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