Use ship data for enhanced decision-making and cost reductions on ship and shore. For one vessel or the entire fleet.

This year the Port of Rotterdam plans to visit Singapore to learn more of the use of Mass Flow Meter technology for bunkering.

The management of ballast water for all ships in international trade will enter into force 8th sep 2017.

Insatech Marine Coriolis mass flow meter installed on bunker vessel in Singapore.

MPA approved mass flow meters in Singapore is said to provide suppliers with new opportunities and restore trust in the bunker industry.

Insatech Marine at IMarEST UEA Branch Dubai

Insatech Marine and Sander Meson Group partook in a knowledge sharing conducted by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Dubai.

IMO making decion about fuel consumption on world fleet

IMO decision: Vessels of 5,000 gross tonnage and over will in the future be required to collect fuel consumption data.

Nagation officer at bridge looking at ship performance data

Team Tankers International has embarked on a data driven journey, which is already helping them optimise performance and cooperation between ship and shore.

Insatech Marine looking at the shaft of Parlermo

In the March edition of Tanker Operator Henrik Nielsen, Sales Manager Marine, explains the benefits of our performance monitoring system.

Insatech Marine training the crew in operating the bunker management system

Insatech Marine has stressed crew training for years and applauds MPA for undertaking actions to make bunker crew training mandatory.

Insatech Marine at Singapore Shipping Port

Mandatory bunker management systems will provide delivery certainty for buyers and suppliers of bunker in Singapore.