Insatech Marine at Singapore Shipping Port

Mandatory bunker management systems will provide delivery certainty for buyers and suppliers of bunker in Singapore.

Data minnining at insatech marine

Big data: Its role in the maritime industry today and its ability to optimize vessel performance , plus its future potential.

EU flag with EU writing.

Improved regulation regarding sulfur inspection requires port state authorities in EU to acquire in-use fuel oil samples of ships entering EU and ECAs.

New Secretary General at IMO

Mr. Lim has landed the top post in IMO, where he will work to create effective implementation of international regulation for the global shipping industry.

Shipping is checkmate at the COP21 draft agreement

Shipping is out of the COP21 draft agreement. That means no united global initiative to reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

Insatech Marine COriolis mass flow meter for accurate measurement of marine fuel bunker flow

Port Authorities in Singapore are having difficulties convincing ship-owners to use mass flow meters despite its requirement in 2017.

Sulfur regulation to reduce global warming

Study conclusion: IMO’s sulfur regulation is less than ideal says a Norwegian group of academics and suggest an alternative.

Concern raised: The study on which the global sulfur cap will be decided next year, lacks the necessary competence to asses global low sulfur fuel supply.

Insatech Marine recaps ODME penalties

Due to the forthcoming ODME guidelines for biofuel barges, we hone in on the cost of noncompliance or direct tricking of ODME.

Insatech Marine offers ODME compliance for Biofuel

By Jan. 1st IMO guidelines states all biofuel carriers are required to have an ODME class approval for 5 different blends. Non-compliance means grounding.