The Insatech Cargo Management System with Marine Ballast  Cargo Management Solution - InsaCargo

  • The world's most flexible cargo and ballast solution for tankers

InsaCargo is the perfect retro-fit concept. The cargo management solution consists only of recognized components from suppliers with global service centers. This ensures complete flexibility and the ability to adapt to any situation; therefore it can be integrated with simple thread and flange connections or more complex solutions. The Cargo Management System and its components are fitted to the special demands and climate conditions that are particular to the shipping industry, thus the electronics and sensor technology is tested to meet such challenging conditions and provide continuous, reliable measurements. 

The solution enables you to properly manage your cargo, whether it is ballast or productive tanks. The point is to correctly measure each application, and that the system is easily installed and equally easy-to-use and navigate. The InsaCargo Management Solution can function as either a partial or total replacement of the current Cargo Management System depending on your particular needs and whishes. 

The Cargo Management Solution essentially works as a safety system. Because of strict safety and environmental requirements, there is a rising need to monitor overfilling or product discharge on deck, because of the danger and devastating effects some products may have on the environment and human life. Such substances must be supervised and kept under control. Therefore the InsaCargo Management System provides monitoring of a range of factors, such as internal tank pressure or temperature also during charging and discharging procedures.  

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Special features besides information on levels in your tank and a 95/98% alert: 

  • Inclination 
  • Ullage report 
  • Filling speed 
  • Volume correction 
  • Full hourly logging 
  • Temperature profile 

InsaCargo - the perfect cargo managment solution for retro-fit: 

  • World's most flexible cargo and ballast solutions for tankers 
  • Complete flexibility: adapts to any situation, partial or total replacement of current cargo management system 
  • Only components from recognized suppliers with global service centers are used 
  • Turnkey solution available 
  • Insatech offers a complete solution including all engineering and installation responsibilities. 

Whatever your needs - the Cargo Management System can be customized to suit your vessel.

Click to enlarge - Cargo Overview (left), Overview Ship (center) and Inclination (right):

  Insatech cargo management front  Insatech Marine Cargo ballast overview   Insatech Cargo ship inclination and marine ballast    

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