MHC - 1000 series sensors

(portable sensors compatible with MHC portable instrument range)

The MHC-1000 series of AE sensors are designed specifically for use with the MHC–MEMO range of On-Site (portable) Condition Monitoring instruments.

Their low power circuitry maximises instrument battery life whilst the rugged design is enhanced by ergonomically designed rubber housings.

Supplied with a standard 1.2 metre cable length, they are suitable for use with coaxial cable lengths up to 20 meters. Options are available for harsh applications, extended temperature ranges and probe extensions for those hard to reach monitoring points.

  1030            Mag                                            Handheld magnetic mount sensor

  1031            Mag            /HD                          Heavy duty magnetic mount sensor

   1032           Mag           /HT                         Magnetic mount sensor for short term higher temperature use

   1033           Mag           /XS                          Extra sensitive magnetic mount sensor for hydraulic valve checking

   1040           Probe       /XXX                       Extended probe. Specify length of probe extension (XXX) in mm.

   1050           Air            /40                          Sensor for airborne noise and gas leak detection

Ordering Information  

FG-H21102-KH           MHC Heavy Duty Magnetic Sensor

FG-H21103-KH           MHC High Temp Magnetic Sensor

FG-H21104-KH           MHC Extra Sensitive Magnetic Sensor

FG-H21105-KH           MHC Airbourne Sensor

FG-H21107-KH           MHC High Temp Stud Mount Sensor

FG-H21190-KH           MHC Extended Probe 225mm

FG-H21191-KH           MHC Extended Probe 500mm

FG-H21192-KH          MHC Extended Probe 1000mm

Key Features

  • Suitable for use with portable MHC instruments
  • Detect leaks within air or vacuum systems

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