Parker Kittiwake DIGI Cell 

On board Water in Oil and BN test 

If you are looking for compact, versatiletime-efficient and reliable equipment for routine spot tests of lube oils to place on board your vessel, you should look no further than the DIGI Cell from Parker Kittiwake. With the DIGI Cell you will be able to test for both Water in Oil and Base Number of your lube oils, and the tests are typically done within 2 minutes once you have the sample. 


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Improve your cost of operation 

By testing your lube oil frequently, you can monitor the quality of it and ensure that key properties are always optimal for the intended use. Maintaining the BN based on measurements, can benefit your cost of operation by saving money on top-ups compared to the alternative, where topping up is done ‘blindly’ based only on a recommended schedule. 
Furthermore, detection of a presence or increase of water in your lube oil could indicate that the lube oil piping needs some attention in one way or another. 

Water in fuel oil 

The DIGI Cell can also be used to test your fuel oil for water. A test that potentially can save you large amounts of money, if water is detected at an early stage. Undetected, water in the fuel oil can lead to deterioration of the fuel over time, as it creates conditions where bacteria and algae can grow. Caught timely, water in the fuel oil can be counteracted and the effects avoided. 

Designed for maritime use 

The DIGI Cell is built in a rugged and marine environment friendly design and are straight forward and very easy to use. They come delivered with all necessary items to perform the tests, incl. reagents, syringes and sample cup. The built-in battery will last for 5 years, which is equivalent to approx. 10.000 tests, which is enough to cover the entire expected lifetime of the cell. 

The range of kits:

  • Water in oil, 0,02%-20%
  • Viscocity: go/no go
  • TBN:5-150 BN
  • Insolubles test: qualitative
  • Acid test kit: 0-6 AN

 Ordering information:                           

  • FG-K1-102-KW, Function: Water in oil + Viscostcik
  • FG-K1-103-KW, Function: Water in oil + Salt test + Insolubles test + Viscostick
  • FG-K1-107-KW, Function: Combined water in oil/BN cell + Insolubles test + Viscostick
  • FG-K1-108-KW, Function: Combined water in oil/BN cell + Insolubles test + Viscostick + AN test
  • FG-K1-110-KW, Function: Combined water in oil/BN cell + salt test Insolubles test + Viscostick
  • FG-K14971-KW, Function: Water in oil + Viscotube + AN test
  • FG-K16897-KW, Function: Water in oil + Viscometer + Hydrometer + AN etst + Cleanliness test
  • FG-K1-101-KW, Function: Water in oil test kit
  • FG-K1-004-KW, Function: TBN oil test kit

Webinar - The measurement of water content (H2O) and residual base number (BN) in marine lubricants 

Description: New Product Launch: Using Parker’s NEW DIGI+ test cell, incorporating new features and innovative new display and software features.

Host: Steve Dickens, Regional Account Manager (Parker Hannifin) and Tine Kaalund Jensen, Global Account Manager (Insatech Marine). 

Key Features

  • Simple to Use & Economical
  • Fuel & Lube Oil Testing Made Easy
  • Fast, accurate results

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