Parker Kittiwake’s NEW FTIR3 Oil Analyser


Comprehensive oil and lubricant monitoring for optimum performance

An IR based in-service oil analyser with proven correlation to ASTM* test procedures (D-7418).  Unique development resulting from an 8 year transatlantic collaboration between industry and academia. Automated sampling and analysis, machine tagging, alarm functions, test history and results for a comprehensive set of In-service oil parameters including, Water, Oxidation, Sulphation, Nitration, Phosphate, EP additive depletion and Glycol.

FTIR3 Oil Analyser delivers fast and reliable measurement of key oil parameters without the need for complicated tests or chemical reagents.

Simple to use, no special knowledge or training is required.

It delivers real-time insights necessary to protect major assets. No more waiting around for analysis reports from samples sent to an off-site laboratory. The design incorporates the latest in Fourier Transform Infrared technologies, providing rapid analysis and timely information for effective decision making.

If you operate a large remote facility with multiple, high value lubricated assets then this option deserves serious consideration. Can be used with the Parker Kittiwake Heated Viscometer and ANALEX fdMplus for additional viscosity and wear debris data. A rugged, automated, full function IR based analysis lab On-Site.


(* ASTM - American Society for Testing & Materials)


Key Features

  • Simple to use,
  • Detecting critical oil parameters

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