Parker Kittiwake Cold Corrosion Test Kit

The Cold Corrosion Test Kit is a good way to accurately analyze the level of corrosive elements in cylinder oil, which can prevent serious damage. The kit gives a result within 5 minutes and you avoid sending the sample to a laboratory.

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Product Code: FG-K19763-KW

An easy to use, cost effective and fast way of determining the level of wear due to cold corrosion. By deriving the content of Fe2+ and Fe3+ in the scrape down oil, the impact of cold corrosion can be measured on board, and there by time consuming analysis in a land based lab can be eliminated, and the time from sample to necessary preventive action can be shortened drastically. The kit exceeds the normal cylinder oil test, as it gives a precise measurement of the  Fe2+ and Fe3+  per million (PPM), by using a color matching test.

An accurate wear condition in the cylinder chamber can be observed when using this test kit with LinerSCAN or Ferrous Wear Meter. Then the corrective action can be taken at the appropriate time.

Cold Corrosion Test Kit Graph

Features with Cold Corrosion Test Kit

  • Accurate knowledge of operating conditions
  • On-board quick test
  • Easy & effectiveThe results are same as laboratory results.
  • Observe the products of corrosion that cannot be founded magnetically.
  • Early warning.
  • Lets the operator adjust the cylinder liner jacket temperature, by providing feedback on the internal corrosion.
  • Good way to monitor abrasive and corrosive wear separately.
  • Test is very simple, cheap and quick - less than 5 minutes.

Ordering Information
Product code



Cold Corrosion Test Kit (CCTK) inkliding 1 Reagent Pack (100 tests)


Reagent pack for 100 tests

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Technical Specifications
Measurement Range
  •  0 - 400 PPM (Accuracy +/- 20 PPM) Parts Per Million(PPM)
  •  0 - 800 PPM (Accuracy +/- 40 PPM) Parts Per Million (PPM)
Ambient Temperature

20 - 55  °C


  • Brochure - Cold Corrosion Test Kit - Parker Kittiwake
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