Digi Plus Test Kit

DIGI Plus Test Kits

A complete oil analysis kit that can be used on-site for measuring and monitoring the amount of water in oil and TBN for industry, marine and offshore equipment, which enable you to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily.

Key Features for you:

  • Simple to Use
  • Economical
  • Fuel & Lube Oil Testing Made Easy
  • Fast and accurate results.

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Versatile, reliable, and time-efficient

Is that what you are looking for? Look no further!

DIGI+ Cell and Test Kits from Parker Kittiwake is ideal on board of your vessel as it is compact, versatile, time-efficient, and reliable equipment for routine spot tests of lube oils.

With the DIGI+ Cell you will be able to test for both Water in Oil and Base Number of your lube oils.

Moreover, you do not need to patient or have lots of waste time because the tests are typically done within 2 minutes once you have the sample. 

Water In Oil Test Kit Parker 1024X16x9

Maintain and Protect Equipment

By using the DIGI+ Water in Oil Test Kit you both:

  • Maintain Equipment
  • Protect Equipment
  • Elimate Damage.

All this can be done, as the Test Kit gives you a digital analysis that can be done by you or your crew on-board of your vessel, while still providing fast and accurate results. Thus, you can easily monitor trends.

The DIGI+ Water in Oil Test Kit provides you with an test that can:

  • Prevent corrosion, cavitation, or failure of your machinery
  • Minimize instability of additive packages and damaging microbe growth.

Furthermore, the test kit is fully portable ofr use on-board of your vessel and is very vigorous and durable.

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Rapid indication of BN depletion

The DIGI+ BN Test Kit provides you the possibility of measurring your oil's alkaline reserve, as well as you get the ability to neutralise acids from combustion.

By using this kit you can get a rapid indication of BN depletion in lubricants, as well as you by monitoring the BN continuously can:

  • Avoid fouling within the engine
  • Avoid corrosion of engine components.

All in all, the DIGI+ BN Test Kit is an easy and cost efficient wat to monitor lubricants. 

TB Test Kit Parker 1024X16x9

Improve your cost of operation 

By testing your lube oil frequently, you can monitor the quality of it and ensure that key properties are always optimal for the intended use.

Maintaining the BN based on measurements, can benefit your cost of operation by saving money on top-ups compared to the alternative, where topping up is done ‘blindly’ based only on a recommended schedule. 

Furthermore, detection of a presence or increase of water in your lube oil could indicate that the lube oil piping needs some attention in one way or another. 

Instructions for on-site and on-board test method

The DIGI Cell from Parker is ideal for oil condition monitoring, and is know for making testing easier and extremely accurate even when used in challenging conditions.

Some of the DIGI Cell's new features are:

  • Light weight construction
  • Improved menu structure
  • Improved back-lit screen display
  • Storage for up to 10 different oils 
  • Store up to 50 individual test results 
  • Download test results to PC over USB

See more instructions in the video here.

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Designed for maritime use 

The DIGI+ Cell is built in a rugged and marine environment friendly design and are straight forward and very easy to use.

They come delivered with all necessary items to perform the tests, incl. reagents, syringes and sample cup.

The built-in battery will last for 3 years oe 500 charge cycles, which is enough to cover the entire expected lifetime of the cell. 

Digi Plus Cell Features
Product Code Information
Product Code



DIGI+ water:

Water in oil test kit


DIGI+ water / viscosity kit:

Water in oil + Viscostcik


DIGI+ basic kit:

Water in oil + Salt test + Insolubles test + Viscostick


DIGI+ BN test kit:

TBN oil test kit


DIGI+ industrial kit:

Combined water in oil/BN cell + Insolubles test + Viscostick


DIGI+ field kit:

Combined water in oil/BN cell + Insolubles test + Viscostick + AN test


DIGI+ combined kit:

Combined water in oil/BN cell + salt test + Insolubles test + Viscostick


DIGI+ clean oil kit:

Water in oil + Viscotube + AN test


All DIGI+ Test Kits are marked with the EasySHIP logo, which indicates that a non-hazardous version is available for shipping the water in oil cell. 

The EasySHIP logo looks like this:


Reagent Packs

Most DIGI Plus Test Kits use chemical reagents to test the oil. As you use the test kits these will, thus, be consumed and need replacement. You can order these replacement reagents with short notice and get it delivered worldwide from us.

Moreover, the reagents are packed in accordance with IATA/IMDG/IRD Air/Marine/Road Transportation regulations.

These Reagent Packs include

  • Total Base Number(TBN) Reagent Pack (FG-K2-002-KW)
  • Water in Oil Reagent Pack( FG-K2-101-KW)
  • Insolubles Reagent Pack (FG-K2-003-KW)
  • Water/ TBN Insolubles Reagent Pack (FG-K2-404-KW).

Furthermore, you can also see all the additional accessories here.

Read more about the Reagent Packs here

Additional Accessories

There is no DIGI Plus Test Kit that includes all the accessories below. However, two DIGI Plus Test Kits includes almost all additional accessories. They are:

The DIGI Plus Field Kit (FG--K6-108-KW), which includes:

  • Combined water in oil/BN cell
  • Insolubles test
  • Viscostick
  • AN test.

The DIGI Plus Combined Kit (FG-K6-110-KW), which includes:

  • Combined water in oil/BN cell
  • Salt test
  • Insolubles test
  • Viscostick.

Otherwise, it is specified below which kits contains which additional accessories.

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Viscotube Parker Kittiwake 1024X16x9

DIGI Viscotube (FG-K14828-KW)

The DIGI Viscometer from Parker, also known as the Viscotube, use the technique of the falling ball to measure the oil’s viscosity. When you buy the Viscotube a viscosity calculation software and a digital thermometer are included to help you get precise results.

The application of the Viscotube includes:

  • Lubricating oils
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Varm Fuel Oil.

The Viscotube is included in the DIGI+ clean oil kit (FG-K6-971-KW+).

ECON Viscostick (FG-K3-020-KW)

The ECON Viscostick from Parker gives you a simple go/no go result. Thus, it is easy to use and will usually detect 5-10% distillate fuel dilution of an SAE 30-40 engine oil. Moreover, it detects increases in viscosity because of oil contamination.

The application of the Viscostick includes:

  • Lubricating Oils
  • Viscous Hydraulics.

The Viscostic is included in various DIGI Plus Test Kits including; FG-K6-102-KW+, FG-K6-103-KW+, FG-K6-107-KW+, FG-K6-108-KW+, and FG-K6-110-KW+.

Viscostic Parker Kittiwake 1024X16x9
AN Test Parker Kittiwake 1024X16x9

Acid Number (AN) (FG-K24743-KW)

The AN (acid Number) Test from Parker can measure both the weak organic and strong inorganic acids present in an oil. Any rise in AN indicates oil oxidation because of time or operating temperature.

Furthermore, the test is straightforward to use because of the drop test principle, which makes it simple for any crew members to interpret the results, including non-technical personal.

The AN Test is applicable to use with:

  • Turbine Oils
  • Gear Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils.

The AN Test is included in the DIGI+ field kit (FG-K6-108-KW+).

ECON Salt Water Contamination Test Kit (FG-K1-005-KW)

With the ECON Salt Water Contamination Test Kit from Parker you can check the presence of salt in either lube oil, fuel, or hydraulic systems. This makes it easier for you to eliminate rapid corrosion and can be used to give rapid indication of any presence of salt despite evaporation of all water.

Furthermore, this salt water contamination test is fast and very easy to use by crew members on board of your vessel.

The ECON Salt Water Contamination Test Kit is included in the DIGI+ combined kit (FG-K6-110-KW+).

ECPN Salt Test Parker Kittiwake 1024X16x9

Multi-Parameter Oil Test Kits

The DIGI + Test Kits contains all the necessary equipment and consumable for everything you need, when you monitor you oil condition.

When you get the test kit it is ready to use and is delivered in a heavy duty marine case with a foam set. This makes it easy for you or your crew to use on-board.  

  • The multi-parameter oil test kits gives you:
  • Fast and accurate results for multiple oil parameters
  • Easy to use, portable kits
  • Possibility to make informed on-site maintenance decisions
  • Ability to act before any critical failure
  • Vigorous and trustable for use in harsh or remote settings.


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The range of tests included
Water in oil



go / no go


5-150 BN

Insolubles test


Acid test kit

0-6 AN

Brochure & Guides

  • Brochure- EasySHIP DIGI+ Field Kit - Parker Kittiwake
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  • Catalog - Oil Test Solutions - Parker Kittiwake
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  • Quick Test Guide - Digi Cell Plus (DIGI+) - Parker Kittiwake
    English | pdf
  • DIGI+ Consumables, Spares & Contacts Information
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