Parker Kittiwake LinerSCAN

Kittiwakes LinerSCAN system is designed to remove the uncertainty on cylinder damage resulting from low fuel quality, slow steaming, low sulfur levels, lower oil feed rates and cylinder oil formulation changes.

Key Features:

  • Financial savings
  • Early warning system
  • Highly accurate & Simple installation

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Product Code: FG-K17400-KW

LinerSCAN monitors effectively, in real-time, heavily polluted and viscous flow of drain oil, and optimizes the lubricant feed rate on board before the problem occurs.

A lot of problems are caused by fuels with catalytic fines. This problem will no doubt increase with the additional demands for low sulfur fuels. Consequences of too-late detection can include having to renovate pistons, liners and injectors, with costs between $1-3 million.

Early alarm before serious damage occurs.

LinerSCAN developed to monitoring the contamination and viscosity of scavenge drain oil and detect fuel CAT fines in real-time.

LinerSCAN monitors the real time main engine condition data on board and lets you optimize the feed rate to the optimal value without taking samples. And that allows you to detect and repair before the problems becomes dangerous or extremely expensive. 

Also you can monitor and balance all the results that come from remote or shore based locations by an office software. Data is exported from ship into the LinerSCAN View Software.  

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LinerSCAN Sensor Complete (one per cylinder)


LinerSCAN Software and Network (one per engine)

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  • Product information - LinerSCAN Cylinder Liner Monitor - Parker Kittiwake
    English | pdf
  • Brochure - Online Sensors - Parker Kittiwake
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