Ensuring optimum operating conditions and minimizing damage caused by abrasive or corrosive wear requires measuring and monitoring of cylinder and liner conditions onboard. We provide a comprehensive suite of products for testing of used cylinder oils. Detection of cold corrosion, scuffing and insufficient residual base are all possible,

A range of sensitive and accurate on-line sensors for monitoring the wear metal debris, oil condition and moisture of all fluid properties 24/7.

Used Oil Analysis Kits allow more comprehensive coverage and are best suited for use by maintenance personnel. They provide indicative results of the oil condition, covering trends for a wide range of assets, which makes them particularly valuable for main and auxiliary marine engines.

Used Oil Analysis Labs deliver the lab accuracy and Quality Results On-Site, without needed to send the samples to the laborarories. Perfect for use in remote places as a centralised asset protection.

A complete range of lubricating oil sampling equipment and consumables for field and laboratory use. Designed to protect machinery from critical problems, and to work safely, withstanding hot oil under vacuum conditions. Easy to use.