A sensor with a stainless steel housing and gold plated sensor head, for protection systems. Monitoring the lubricant oil condition in real-time and thereby giving the operator insight, before any harm is done to the machinery or the oil (24/7).

Early alert for bearing and gear wear debris at the earliest stage, also in hazardous areas.
A world first, ATEX Zone 1 & 2 Approved Metallic Wear Debris Monitoring.

A sensor with magnetometry combined using smart algorithm to detect a particle size, speciation, distribution and count with an unbeatable detection range.

Amazing sensor with the ability to detect particle contamination for particle sizes with sensitivity of <1 micron Fe. Easy connections for quick installation. Comes with LED display and air blast zeroing.

An early warning system for water in oil status which can reduce the risk of bearings becoming damaged. This highly accurate sensor monitors the oil continuously, measuring the oils Relative Humidity (%RH) and Temperature values (T).

Contact us to find out more about researches and development progress on the Parker Kittiwake ViscoSCAN Oil Viscosity Sensors.

A combination of the sensor range designed for real-time condition monitoring on critical plant, such as a wind turbine gearbox. Increase the level of monitoring on the machine.

An improvement for Sensor Suite with a graphical colour display. The HMI Sensor Suite is developed to provide remotely more than 40 parameters, in real-time, and monitoring critical applications.

Monitoring continuously the total water and soot contamination in the lube system. Enables you to monitor the water ingress and soot levels and correct the problem immediately.

LinerSCAN monitors effectively, in real-time, heavily polluted and viscous flow of drain oil, and optimizes the lubricant feed rate on board before the problem occurs.

A new technological unit designed to monitor the lubrication system in the first stage on large azimuth marine thrusters. All the data can be accessed and controlled remotely by an internet browser.
A first alert for all problems through 8 individual Thruster monitoring (TMUs) and HMI display.

On-line, Continuous Condition Monitoring of Critical Assets. The RIGmonitor is an on-line sensor unit providing the most real picture of asset condition, on-line. Central overview and control leads to risk reduction. Reading all the critical lubricant condition information.
Easy to use, with simple touch screen (HMI).

From anywhere in the world you can check your assets and get full control through the web page. Pre-set alarm and SMS/Email alert functions. Supported with Wireless data transmission systems. SensorScan System works (24/7) by uploading data via GPRS, Ethernet or telephone line.