Sensor Suite HMI Version

The Sensor Suite supplied with HMI display to monitor the real conditions on critical applications such as Gen Sets and Gearboxes.

With the ability to monitor more than 40 parameters in real-time, and give the user the ability to remotely monitor the development of any major change in the lubricant. And also prevent errors in sampling caused by the operator.

Data can also be streamed via ModBus / RS485 or via the major Network / protocols (on request).


The suite includes all the sensors, that make it able to report metallic wear debris mass, oil condition, moisture and metallic ferrous / non-ferrous debris counts in the lubricant.



Features :

  •          Full automation
  •          Provide more than 40 parameters in real time
  •          Supplied with (HMI) human machine interface colour display .
  •          Ability to connect to the ModBus over RS485 or via major Network(protocols / on request).
  •          Provided with  ½” BSPP ports
  •          Robust enclosure.



Power Input115/240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption3 A max

Fuse Ratings and Type: Sensor Power: 5 A 20 mm quick blow

Port Connection1/2" BSPP cone fitting

Fluid Compatibility: Petroleum and synthetic oils.Compatible with most ester based oils.Do not use with water / oil emulsions

Maximum Fluid Viscosity350 cSt @ 40°C [104°F]

Maximum System Fluid Pressure10 bar [145 psi]

Minimum Fluid Flow: 1.3 litre/min

Maximum Fluid Flow: 9 litre/min

Permitted Fluid Temperatures0°C to 65°C (32°F – 149°F)

Ambient Operating Temperature: 0°C to 65°C (32°F – 149°F)

IP ratingIP 65

Weight: 24.5 kg [54 lb]



           0-500 parts per million [ppm] un-combined ferrous debris by weight
          Oil Quality Units 1-100 Index Scale
           0-100% Relative Humidity
           0 to 100°C [32 - 212°F] temperature
           10 x Fe Accumulator Bins sizes 40 to 1200 µm
           10 x non Fe Accumulator Bins sizes 135 to  1200 µm
           10 x Fe 'rate of change' Bin /Minute sizes 40 to 1200 µm
           10 x nFe 'rate of change' Bin / Minute sizes 40 to 1200 µm



Part Number                     Description

FG-K19401-KW            Sensor Suite HMI


Key Features

  • Multi parameters monitoring
  • Easy straming

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