ThrusterSCAN - Online Thruster Condition Monitoring

A new era in Rig Monitoring

New technology to monitor the lubrication system of azimuth thrusters, with automatic warnings and alarms.

Possibility to connect external outputs from other systems.

Personnel can quickly and easily check the current condition of thrusters and make informed operational decisions.

You can get full operational control of the system by using internet browser where you are.



  •  Up to 8 individual thrusters can be monitored using the system (TMUs).
  •  Fully automated operation.
  • First warning so helping to reduce failures and unscheduled downtime.
  • Early diagnosis and planned to maintenance before lubrication or machinery failure.
  •  Remote monitoring data from the thrusters.
  •  Gives quick feedback.

With monitor the oil in the truster allows continuous measurement of all this parameters:

  •   Metallic Wear Debris.
  •   Moisture in oil.
  •  Oil Condition.
  •   Seal Oil Condition (optional).
  •   Seal Oil Moisture (optional).
  •   Acoustic Emissions (optional).
  •   Link to Vibration Monitoring System (optional).
  •   Link to Thruster Operating Parameters (optional.

Ordering Information

Part Number             Description

FG-K17755-KW     Thruster Monitoring Unit (1 per thruster)

FG-K17756-KW     Master Control Unit (1 per ECR and/or bridge)

Optional Seal Monitoring  

FG-K19509-KW        Seal Oil Sensor (1 per thruster)

FG-K19528-KW        Seal Oil Extension Cable

Optional Acoustic Emissions Monitoring

FG-K19404-KW       Optional Acoustic Emissions for ThrusterSCAN

FG-K19527-KW       Acoustic Emission Communications Kit


Key Features

  • Early diagnosis
  • Reduce downtime

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