A complete portable kit for all tests (water, viscosity, BN, TAN and insolubles).
OTCs are oil analysis solutions used to make fast on-site maintenance decisions. An accurate range, providing laboratory grade oil condition results in 2 minutes

A single wall mounted cabinet for testing fuel and lube, simple to use, giving all the information quickly about fuel and oil.

Power Plant Cabinet offer what you need for test in all remote locations, because its has fully electronic oil analysis kit for lubricants and residual fuel oils.
Simple to use.

A novel and patented viscometer designed for On-Site use. Suitable for testing and monitoring the viscosity of fuel and oil unheated to 40°C, lubes and fuels heated to 40 °C or 50 °C, for many industrial applications, eg. diesel engines, gas and aviation turbines, gear boxes, hydraulics and marine fuels. Rating combustion performance.

A magnetometer designed to be accurate and sensitive to very low ferrous contaminations levels(<1 micron). It can be used both in the laboratory or in the field, supplied with a touch screen for easy entry of data via a full alpha-numeric keypad. Test time <10 seconds per samplee.

The last generation in ANALEX pq laboratory equipment range. Designed for use instead of pqM and pqA instruments, and with increased accuracy and range reproducibility at low level.

A magnetic and centrifugal separation instrument offers a quick and simple method of wear debris separation and particle size analysis. Preparation time per sample is about 20 minutes and 10 min for analysis time by photometric method and 6 min by gravity method.

The icountBSplus is a next generation fluid particle analysis, designed to use on-board, with laser based technology and fluid resistant touch screen.

A compact designed and robust unit, for measuring the quality of hydraulic oil in different applications, with laser detection technology and fast contamination detection. Ease of use, at a much lower cost that fits most maintenance budgets.

A hand held monitor offering a numerical display to visualize the negative or positive increase in the dielectrics. Ideal for fleet owners, garages and DIY mechanics.

Featuring a compact, portable design, comprehensive oil and lubricant monitoring for optimum performance. Simple to use.

A small portable magnetometric device with a LCD screen, for analysis of oil samples and detecting metal particles. Easy to use on board results in 2 seconds.