A magnetometer designed to be accurate and sensitive to very low ferrous contaminations levels(<1 micron). It can be used both in the laboratory or in the field, supplied with a touch screen for easy entry of data via a full alpha-numeric keypad. Test time <10 seconds per samplee.

The last generation in ANALEX pq laboratory equipment range. Designed for use instead of pqM and pqA instruments, and with increased accuracy and range reproducibility at low level.

A magnetic and centrifugal separation instrument offers a quick and simple method of wear debris separation and particle size analysis. Preparation time per sample is about 20 minutes and 10 min for analysis time by photometric method and 6 min by gravity method.

A small portable magnetometric device with a LCD screen, for analysis of oil samples and detecting metal particles. Easy to use on board results in 2 seconds.

A small self-contained case to analysis the hydraulic system and detect the contamination by metallic and non-metallic contaminants.