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Atlantium’s Ballast Water Treatment System is a one of a kind system, featuring full functionality with minimum retention time under all water conditions, unparalelled power performance for an UV system and the IMO approved One-Pass™ operation. With One-Pass™, the ballast water is only treated during intake and is hereafter treated and ready for deballasting - with zero retention time.

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Atlantium Technologies Introduces Purestream™ Ballast Water Management System

Atlantium Marine, a part of Atlantium Technologies Ltd., announced the introduction of Purestream™, its proprietary ballast water management system (BWMS) developed to meet the IMO D-2 standard and the USCG Ballast Water Discharge Standard (BWDS).

Purestream uses filtration in combination with Atlantium’s proven medium pressure ultraviolet (UV) technology to achieve unparalleled results. The Purestream system is validated to operate at minimum retention times (≤ 24-hours) following treatment of 100% of the maximum flow under difficult water conditions with UV transmittance as low as 40% UVT.


Two stages validated

Atlantium has finalized the first two stages of the validation process — the readiness evaluation and the land-based validation. The validation process is in accordance with the IMOs BWMS Code and the USCG CFR 162.060; with Lloyds Register as Independent Lab and NIVA as the test facility.

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For the IMO, Purestream™ is the only UV-based BWMS technology capable of treating ballast water to meet the BWDS with a single pass. Atlantium’s proprietary One-pass™ approach requires operation of the technology only during ballasting, there are no requirements for operation during de-ballasting. This unique attribute of Atlantium’s technology reduces its overall power consumption by 50% when compared to traditional UV-based BWMS that must treat during the ballasting and de-ballasting steps to ensure a discharge effluent that is in regulatory compliance.


For the USCG, Purestream™ is the only UV-based technology to demonstrate its efficacy at the minimum retention time (≤ 24-hours) following treatment of the total 100% flow rate capacity at specific UVT values, which can be as low as 40% UVT. Ship owners and operators can now benefit from effective and proven treatment of their total ballast capacity within 24 hours or less.

“The spread of invasive species has been recognized as one of the greatest threats to the ecological and the economic wellbeing of the planet, and Atlantium is committed to delivering effective, environmentally friendly UV solutions that enhance the biosecurity of our waterways. Our innovative technology has successfully helped the Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Dam Office to prevent invasion and infestation of mussels at the Hoover, Davis and Parker dams. We have leveraged our technical know-how and proven ability to deliver a disruptive best-in-class UV solution for the ballast water treatment market that will be supported by our global sales and service network,” said Atlantium CEO Yariv Abramovich.

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Product specifications and manuals

  • Atlantium, Purestream - Brochure
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  • Atlantium, Purestream - Heads for Approvals - Press Release
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  • Atlantium, Purestream - Press Release
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