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EB11 “EasyBatch” Batch Controller

The EB11 “EasyBatch” from Flomec is a dual-stage batch controller designed to create an efficient and accurate dispensing experience. It can be mounted either directly or remotely onto a flowmeter from Flomec.

The EB11 is compatible with multiple types of industry signals, as well as it allows you to control the volume of fluid dispensed into your process.

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Explanation of the Batch Controlling Equipment

A batch controller is a piece of electronic equipment that, when installed with an appropriate flowmeter, measures the volume of liquid that flows through a line and controls a valve to dispense an exact quantity of liquid into a process.

Batch controllers are used in manufacturing businesses of all sizes to improve the quality of their product, eliminate wastage of ingredients, and reduce the labor cost in their production.

Batch controllers are particularly valuable for businesses operating repetitive processes.

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Weather-resistant and Easy to Use

The EB11 has the following features that benefits you:

  • Easy to use 2 button controller
  • Weather-resistant and durable IP66/67 – NEMA4X enclosure
  • Easy to read backlit 7-digit display
  • Retained settings after power loss.

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Typical Applications

The EB11 is designed to work in tough indoor and outdoor industrial settings and conforms to EMC directives. The instrument housing is made from UV resistant, glass reinforced nylon (GRN) and is weatherproof to IP66/67 (Nema Type 4) standards.

The Easybatch is suitable for use in temperatures ranging between -200C and 600C and can handle up to 90% relative humidity. However, condensation in the instrument should always be avoided.

Typical applications include bottling, packaging, diluting concentrates, and adding ingredients in various environments including:

  • Commercial Baking
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
  • Food Processing
  • Cleaning Products
  • Brewing
  • Water Treatment.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need single or dual stage batch control?

Single stage batch control describes control systems that use a single valve, typically on 40 mm and smaller pipes and/or lines. For 50 mm lines a smaller bypass line is used to provide fine control at the end of the batch; the larger line shuts off first with final flow being added through the smaller line. It also allows a slower operating valve on the main line and less hydraulic shock through the pipe on closure.

Do I need power to the batch controller?

The EB11 needs 10-30 Volts. Solenoid valves up to 24v/7.2w can have a common voltage source to the EB11. See design guide for more information.

How do I choose that right solenoid for my system?

The choice of solenoid depends on a variety of specifications. The voltage, the pipe size, the pressure in the line, the chemical compatibility, the close rate and whether the valve is normally open or normally closed. The power rating is important to determine whether a mechanical relay is required between the EB11 and the solenoid, the maximum rating for a solenoid that can be wired directly to the output of the EB11 is 7.2 watts at 24v DC. See our design guide for more information on solenoid selection.

Can I pause the batch?

The batch volume can be paused and restarted at any time with the touch of a button

Can I set multiple batch totals?

The EB11 can only be set for a single batch volume at a time. However, the batch setting can be easily altered up and down with a few button presses.

Can I use the batch controller to start and stop a pump?

The EB11 can be used to turn on and off a pump using a mechanical relay between the EB11 and the pump. The more accepted and accurate method is to use an automatic valve to shut off flow. This method has a faster response and gives more repeatable batch volumes.

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12 mm 7-digit batch total and 7 mm 7-digit batch preset

Engineering Units

Liters, gallons, m³, lbs, kgs, or no engineering units

Input Types & Max Frequency

Namur (4kHz), Reed-switch (120 Hz), NPN (6kHz), PNP (6kHz) and coil.

Control Outputs

GRN housing: 2x 300mA NPN Open Collectors, 24v (dc)

Operating Temperature

Field Mount: -10°C - +60°C (14°F - +140°F)


Field Mount: GRN Housing, IP66(NEMA4X)

Power Requirements

Field Mount: 10-30v (dc)

Mounting Options

Meter or stem mount, wall, surface, pipe or panel mount(Note 1)


Note 1: Panel mount seal kit required to maintain IP66/67 rating when separating from rear housing for mounting when using GRN housing. 


  • Data Sheet - EB11 - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Owners Manual - EB11 - Flomec
    English | pdf
  • Article - Design Guide for EB11 - Flomec
    English | pdf

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