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F-Series Field Mount Indicator

The Field Mount Indicator in the F Series from Flomec is a batch controller model. The F130-P is a microprocessor driven instrument designed for batching and filling from small up to large quantities. Additionally, it display the flow rate, the total and the accumulated total.

With the F-series you get:

  • Field-mountable with back enclosure (included)
  • Easy programming with a sensible menu-driven structure
  • Large 0.67 in. (17mm) 7 digit display
  • Accepts several different input signals.

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Application Possibilities

The F-series are designed to work even in rough weather conditions like rain, snow, salty atmospheres and temperatures between -40° F up to 176° F (-40° C up to 80° C). Thus, the F103-P is perfect for safe and hazardous area applications.

Hence, the field mount indicator can be used;

  • Where net flow calculation at base conditions is desired without the influence of thermal product expansion.
  • Where a precise calculation over the full measurement range is required for the liquid flow measurement with mechanical flowmeters. As well as, where continuous flow rate monitoring is required.
  • For batching small up to very large quantities. Single or repeating batches.
  • Fuel consumption calculation for diesel engines on board of ships or trains.

So, the F103-P is applicable, where flows are split-up in two pipelines and total flow has to be calculated.

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What you get from the F-series

The F130-P has the following features that benefits you:

  • Batching
  • Net Use
  • 4-20mA Output
  • HART Protocol
  • High Low Alarms
  • Linearization
  • Two Stage Valve Control
  • Temperature Compensation.

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Long-Life and Intrinsic safety

The Field Mount Indicator from the F-series has been designed with a focus on:

  • Ultra-low power consumption to allow long-life battery powered applications (type PB/PC)
  • Intrinsic safety for use in hazardous applications (type XI)
  • Several mounting possibilities with aluminum or GRP enclosures for harsh industrial surroundings
  • Ability to process all types of flowmeter signals
  • Receipt printer interface to print completed batch receipts.

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See owners Manual under Downloads


  • Owners Manual - F-Series - Flomec
    English | pdf

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