Being able to control flow, flow rates and flow direction, is critical to many processes. Depending on process flow, pressure and media, different types of valves need to be utilized. Ball valves, needle valves, solenoid valves, butterfly valves and pressure relieve valves, are some of the more common valves used on board ships. Furthermore, most valves can be remotely operated via actuators and signals.


Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators from Ghibson to quarter-turn valves.

Ball valves in many different materials, pressure steps and sizes. For several media and temperatures. Manual or actuator (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic) operated

double eccentric, softening, PTFE seat with or without coating and flue gas damper. Various variations e.g. wafer, lug and double flange

Wafer check valves. Small in size and low in weight. Closes at very low back pressure.

Here you can find a wide selection of valves: Pressure-reducing, pressure-relieving, counter-pressure control, temperature-regulatiing etc. for different media, temperature and capacities.

Strainers / filters in T and Y design both with simplex and duplex filters. The product program includes curve filters, self-cleaning filters, motor or manual controls

In places where things are stored and in pipe systems with flammable media, a good safety equipment is a must

Here you can find a wide selection of safety valves for almost all sizes, pressure steps, materials, connections and for many different media.

Valves with fixed or variable nozzles for steam conditioning / desuperheating. Vapor temperature up to 570 ° C and cryogenic media down to -150 ° C

Digital level transmitters - displacers - level meters

Positions and air regulator. There is a large selection of fittings so that the positions can be adapted to existing valves, including valves from other suppliers

Instructions for requesting / ordering spare parts for Consolidated and Masoneilan valves, as well as how the positions from Masoneilan can help you