Kvadrat Medium Ghibson Butterfly BVKA Billede

Butterfly Valve KA-Series

GHIBSON Soft seated butterfly valves are designed to meet with most industrial  and maritime applications. The KA-Series valves are manufactured with sizes from DN 40 to DN 800, pressures up to 20 bar and many different materials.

  • To be used also with vacuum
  • Soft seated
  • Wafer and lug body
  • A wide range of materials available

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Vacuum and Material Choices for KA-Series

Vacuum Compatibility

These valves are specially designed to work well in places with no air, called vacuum environments. They're built to handle the challenges of these conditions and work reliably without losing effectiveness. This makes them a good choice for situations where keeping things airtight is really important.

Different Materials for Valve Parts

When picking the right materials for butterfly valves used in marine applications, it's important to think about what's needed for the job. KA-series butterfly valves have lots of material options for body, disc and the rubber seats. This helps them work well and last a long time.

The diverse range of material options guarantees that the KI-series can be tailored to address the distinct requirements of various applications within the maritime industry.

Body Rubber Seat

A very wide range of elastomers allows the best combination of materials depending on the application. The body rubber seat is replaceable for DN 40/150. DN 200/800 is vulcanized an not replaceable.

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wafer body and lug body valves

Model BVKA and BLKA

Soft seated butterfly valves model BVKA and BLKA in respectively wafer and lug design, is available with:

  • Can be supplied with handles with various locking and function options
  • From DN 250 - 300 the use of gearbox is recommended instead of handle
  • Posibility of delivery with actuator: pneumatic, hydraulic or electric
  • Can be supplied with spindle extenders made of steel or stainless steel

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Features of Ghibsons Soft Seated Butterfly Valves

Special Shaft Double Packing - Outward Sealing

Outward sealing is guaranteed by a double packing at both the top and bottom of the shaft.

Detail of Lower Support - Adjustable Lower Support

The adjustable lower support prevents axial movement of the shaft-disc unit. Furthermore, when the valve is assembled with a vertical shaft, the disc does not exert pressure on the seat, leading to a longer valve lifespan.

Ghibson Butterfly Valves - Anti-Blowout System for Shafts

All GHIBSON Butterfly Valves are equipped with an anti-blowout system for the shafts in compliance with EN736 and API609 standards.

Detail of Replaceable Body Seat - Shape Ensures Optimal Attachment

Its shape ensures the best anchoring to the body, even in challenging applications. Valves larger than DN300 feature a specially designed shaft-disc connection that ensures a strong coupling while avoiding clearances. This design provides higher shaft tensile capacity due to a section considerably larger than the classic square section.

Detail of Shaft-Disc Fastening -  Strong Fastening for Valves over DN500

For valves larger than DN500, this solution enables robust fastening without clearances and easy maintenance.

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Technical Specifications

DN 40 to 800 - 1 1/2 ”to 32”


For flanges: PN 10-16, ANSI 150

Working pressure

20 bar 

  • House: SG iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum bronze
  • Disc: Stainless steel, alu-bronze, hastelloy, monel
  • Lining / Liner: NBR, EPDM, EPDM HT, FKM

Other materials on request

Product specifications and manuals

  • Brochure - Butterfly valve Soft Seated KA - Ghibson
    English | pdf

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