We supply measuring equipment - helping you select the right equipment for your requirementsInsatech marine project management circle

  • Optimal installation and delivery of customized solutions
  • Commissioning - training of personnel
  • Operating world wide

Consultant to the Marine Industry

Insatech’s scope encompasses

  • Inspection of electrical installations on vessels with full documentation of the findings. Based on the findings, a proposal for remedying possible defects will be prepared.
  • Working out a proposal for planned maintenance of the electrical and instrumentation systems of the vessel, including a recommended spare parts list.
  • Scrutinizing electrical equipment installed in Ex-areas to ensure class rules are observed.
  • Inspection of cable installations and cable penetrations to ensure class rules are observed.
  • In cooperation with the vessel’s crew and superintendent, specify tasks to be performed by third party, e. g. main breakers and UMS, and act as a co-ordinator between the vessel and before mentioned third party.
  • Assistance with new projects offering a second opinion to the electrical system and instrumentation design.

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