In a serious effort to strengthen Singapores position as a reliable and trusted port for bunkering, the Marine and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has decreed it to be mandatory for bunker suppliers in Singapore port to use mass flow meters when fuel bunkering from January 1st 2017.

Andrew Tan, chief executive of MPA comments on the initiative: “To safeguard Singapore's reputation as a top bunkering port in the world, we are taking the lead in being the first to mandate the use of mass flow meters”.

The initiative has the repercussion that all tankers in operation must be supplied with a MPA-approved mass flow meter before December 31 2016. 

It also means that all tankers applying for a license to bunker in Singapore will need to have a MPA-approved system.     

The Marine Port Authority of Singapore provides and incentive of $63.500 to each bunker tanker to alleviate apart of the financial burden. The Incentive will be handed out post approval if the mass flow meter installment.  

A local calibration lab has recently been established to support the use of mass flow meters.  

The use of mass flow meters is by no means new in Singapore. Trials has been carried out since 2010.

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It will be interesting to see whether other prominent bunker ports will follow suit and take the step to secure their reputation and their customers by like initiatives. 

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