Global sulfur cap is turning into an increasingly hot topic. 

As you well know a 0,5% sulfur cap is coming along, whether it will be implemented from 2020 or 2025 is of late the big question. 

Robin Meech the managing director of Marine and Energy Consulting raises concern as he stipulates that “politics may overrule science” in the respect of the global sulfur cap. Robin Meech is a part of the committee made to oversee IMO’s low sulfur fuel oil availability assessment. 

His concerned is raised by two factors.

The first is a heavy lobbying towards IMO from both EU and member states, who are eager to vote for an early implementation of the global sulfur cap (by 2020) despite the still lacking evidence that a sufficient supply of low sulfur fuel can meet the demand – at this point in time.  

The second concern goes towards the study due to be finished in October 2016, for which the decisions of the global sulfur cap will be based on. Robin Meech comments: “I have not heard anyone with a global view of refinery who thinks there will be enough distillates for 0,5% for 2020.”

His criticism hits the nail by pointing out that while the entity doing the assessment has knowledge with regards to the shipping industry, it lacks the understanding of refining. Even at the steering committee Robin Meech is a part of only a handful understands refining. This Mr. Meech finds particularly worrisome as the assessment is made to clarify the supply side of low sulfur fuel oil.  

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