On the 69th meeting of the Maritime Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) held on April 25th IMO (the international Maritime Organization) has announced the decision to make it a mandatory requirement for vessels of 5,000 gross tonnage and over to collect fuel consumption data of all consumed fuel.  

While the data needs to be collected – their origin will be anonymized in the report to MEPC. Earlier concerns regarding the plan have highlighted the issue of confidentiality, which has thus been considered. 

As the draft amendment to MARPOL Annex VI has been approved, now the specifications of exactly which data should be collected are left. The current plan is to put forward the collection requirement of data at the 70th MEPC meeting in October. Hopefully the scheme can be expected to enter into force primo 2018. 

The air of the entire exercise is to serve as a basis for any further discussions regarding the need to measure the enhance vessel energy efficiency. As such it is a way to accommodate critics of IMO who points out the necessity to address greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping. It is an issue which is currently lacking – even after COP21, in which shipping was not taken into account in the world wide greenhouse gas emission level. 

While IMO comments on the meeting as being “a move that sends a clear and positive signal about the Organization’s continuing commitment to climate change mitigation," the Transport & Environment (T&E) and Seas At Risk are of another opinion: As essentially the decision making has been postponed until next meeting. 

We will be following the development as a decision to implement is will have  large effect on the world fleer on 5.000 gross tonnage and above, who will need to install fuel consumption systems in order to comply.

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