The Port of Rotterdam this year plans to visit Singapore as a part of its investigations into the use of MFM (mass flow meter) technology for bunkering, a spokesperson for the Port of Rotterdam has told. And added that the plans regarding MFM’s are still very preliminary and that a timeline for the visit has not yet been decided.

It was also too early to comment on what the Port saw as the various merits or potential drawbacks of MFM’s, they said.

However, it must be understood that in addition to looking at a system of mandatory MFM use, introducing a system of incentives to promote the use of MFMs is another option up for consideration.

On January 1, 2017 Singapore became the first port in the world to mandate the use of MFMs for MFO bunkering, and remains the only port in the world to have done do – yet.

MFM are generally considered to make the bunkering process faster and more accurate compared to traditional methods. Some worry that by passing on the cost of using the technology on to bunker buyers it could put ”MFM ports” at a commercial disadvantage to nearby competing ports.

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