It is a tough competitive market and maintaining a financially viable business and vessel operation becomes more difficult. “Navigating” the business as a Captain, Operator, or Fleet Manager is no easy task, as the data on which to manage, tends to be fragmented, placed in different systems or even hard copies. This means the operational overview is lacking and transparency is nonexistent. How do you make healthy decisions for the vessel, crew and business alike?

We have experienced our customer’s challenges with decision-making. Many manage from experience, and that goes a long way in the daily operation of the vessel. It also tends to makes for fluctuating performance of the vessel as crews change. However, when it comes to making decisions with long term effect – or trying to navigate the changing market conditions, it becomes a real challenge.

Getting to the root of the above, providing captains and operators with an overview of their vessel data – is what has driven our development of Fleet Viewer.

Fleet Viewer is a data platform. Because it runs on an open source system, we will be able to integrate all the existing data or third party data that you already have access to on your vessel or at shore. The relevant data (defines by your organization) is displayed as KPI’s and matrices. They are sent home to headquarter via a database on the vessel database, which mirrors the data into another at shore when the internet connection is running. This was ship and shore has the same dashboard to navigate from.

It is a simple solution that future proofs your management decision making. As you choose to upgrade or start measure fuel consumption data on your vessel – these data can be integrated at a later point in time. It means you can start with the data that you have, and scale up continuously. As such you it is not one comprehensive investment that you need to make – but rather it can be taken in the stages and time that fits your organization.  

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