Mechanical Oval gear flow meters

OM series is oval wheel gauges from Flomec, and is a volume flow meter that stands out among other things. to measure all types of liquids from low viscous liquids as solvents to very high viscous liquids such as oils, paints, shampoos and toothpastes. However, lubricating media is preferred.

They are accurate, inexpensive in procurement, installation and maintenance.

By default, each meter comes with a traceable calibration certificate and 2 pulse outputs in the form of a Reed contact and Hall effect sensor. Can be used to either have dual resolution of the heart rate signal or as a backup.

There is also a wide selection of different LCD display types associated with this series. it is possible to display values ​​for instantaneous flow (eg l / h or m³ / h) and values ​​for total flow (eg l or m³). These display types also have built-in scalable pulse output and analog output in the form of a 4… 20mA signal. It is also possible to get a traditional mechanical display.

The measuring principle used works according to the "Positive Displacement" principle, where a pair of oval-shaped gears in a measuring chamber rotate by the force of the liquid on these. A specific volume per rotation is shifted and 1, 2 or 4 pulses are obtained per second. chamber volume. The meter is therefore independent of viscosity and density, and the same high accuracy is obtained regardless of changes in the physical parameters.


Flomec OM series is especially suitable for flow measurement / dosing of more viscous liquids such as oils, fuels, paints, foods and additives.

For an application such as fuel supply to a surplus dosing engine, both flow and return flow must be measured to achieve net consumption. In addition, the temperature must be measured for volume compensation. For this we provide Flomec OM Series flow meters, temperature sensors and Contrec flow computers with standard API / ASTM tables defining the different fuel types.

This system provides an accurate and reliable measurement of its fuel consumption.

Dosage of e.g. additives for the paint and varnish industry we can solve with Flomec OM Series flow meter and a Contrec batch computer with or without volume compensation.

All applications solved with Contrec batch computers include with automatic overflow compensation to ensure accurate dosing.

Features and benefits include:

- Measures on virtually all fluids, however, should preferably be lubricating

- Sizes from 4 mm (1/8 ") up to 100 mm (4") with threads or flanges.

- Flow ranges from 0.5 ... 36 l / h up to 4.5 ... 90.0 m3 / h.

- Uncertainty from ± 0.2% of current value.

- Single or double pulse output with Hall effect sensor and Reed switch.

- Available with mechanical or digital display.

- Can be mounted vertically or horizontally without regard to straight piping.

- Media-affected parts of Aluminum and acid-resistant steel 316.

- Temperature up to 120 ° C and pressure up to 100bar. (Special applications up to 150 ° C)

- Cheap in procurement, installation and maintenance.

- Available in EEx ia.

- Traceable calibration certificate included as standard.