LCM20 Contamination Monitor represents the lastest technology in solid particle contamination analysis, and the first truly portable monitor, offering a 2 minute test procedure.

Icount ACM20 is the benchmark particle counter for use in monitoring the levels of contamination in fuels and offers the multi standard ISO reporting in 2 minutes.

Parker icountLCM30

The Parker icountLCM30 is a particle contamination monitoring solution that measures the cleanliness of oil - in just 90 seconds.

The iBS Water Glycol is a next generation product from Parker's fluid particle analysis and monitoring programme, On board or in the lab monitoring, provides an effective alternative to external laboratory services.

The icountPD Particle Detector is an innovative product and the lastest technology in solid particle detection, with a dynamic design, for use in all applications.

The icountBSplus is a next generation fluid particle analysis, designed to use on-board, with laser based technology and fluid resistant touch screen.

A compact designed and robust unit, for measuring the quality of hydraulic oil in different applications, with laser detection technology and fast contamination detection. Ease of use, at a much lower cost that fits most maintenance budgets.

A hand held monitor offering a numerical display to visualize the negative or positive increase in the dielectrics. Ideal for fleet owners, garages and DIY mechanics.