Parker icountBSplus - Bottle Sampler

IcountBSplus is a unique and complete solution providing you with laboratory fluid bottle sampling. The instrument has been developed using the latest industrial design and manufacturing techniques.


Product features & Benefits:

  •  Quick analysis, and low cost solution for monitoring fluid life
  •  Calibration to ISO procedures.
  •  On-board compressor.
  •  Easy to set up
  •  Independent monitoring of contamination
  •  Environmentally controlled front-loading bottle chamber
  • 12 language instruction manual menu.
  •  Analysis of fluid moisture and temperature capability
  • icountBSplus has the capability for on-line fluid measurement configuration as well as off-line fluid sampling
  • Design concept allowing for portability.
  • DC and rechargeable battery pack power option built in
  • CE compliant
  • Fluid resistant touch screen panel
  • On-board thermal printer
  • 500 test memory

 Specifications :

Principle of operation:  Laser diode optical detection of actual particulates

Dimensions:                  H 530 mm x W 210 mm x D 410 mm

Weight:                         Approx 18 kg

Operating temperature and humidity:    +5°C to +60°C (-41°F to +140°F)20 - 85% RH(tested at 30°C (86°F), non-condensing)

Storage temperature and humidity:  -40°C to +90°C (-40°F to +194°F)10 - 90% RH tested at 30°C (86°F), non-condensing)

Moisture sensor calibration:   ± 5% RH (over a compensated temperature range of +10°C to +80°C (+50°F to +176°F)

Moisture sensor stability :   ± 2% RH typical at 50% RH in one year

International codes:     ISO 7 to 21, NAS 0 to 12, AS 0 to 12

Contamination standards:    Refer to Parker 'Guide to Contamination Standards' (DD0000015) on CD

MTD: ISO 4406:1999; NAS 1638; AS4059E (Differential); AS4509E (Cumulative)
ACFTD: ISO 4406:1987; ISO4406:1991; NAS 1638; AS4509E (Differential); AS4509E (Cumulative); GOST 17216:2001

Calibration:    MTD: via a certified primary ISO 11171 automatic particle detector using ISO 11943 principles, with particle distribution reporting to ISO 4406:1996

                ACFTD:fully traceable to gravimetric first principles

Recalibration:   Contact Parker Hannifin for advice

Fluid compatibility:  Mineral-based oils and petroleum-based fuel. Contact Parker Hannifin for advice

Fluid management:   Selectable on screen between 25 m to 100 ml

Viscosity range:  1 to 300 cSt

Working pressure:   3 bar maximum input pressure, if used on-line. Contact Parker Hannifin for further advice

Flow range through icountBSplus:  Test: 60 ml/min

Connection interface (on-line):  INLET: 6 mm push-fit, DRAIN: 4 mm push-fit

Fluid operating temperature (oil):  +5°C to +70°C (-41°F to 176°F)

Fluid operating temperature (fuel):   +20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

Sample bottle size:   See Parker ACC Spares list. Contact Parker Hannifin for advice

Flush sample size:  Selectable option within the icountBS software: 25 ml to 100 ml

Memory storage:  500 tests (Integrated Warning Level)

Printer: Thermal dot line printer - see ACC spares list for replacement paper

Battery type:   Polymer Lithium Ion Battery pack (ACC6NW032)

Power requirements:  Integrated supply into the icountBSplus unit

Certification:  CE Certified. Supplied with EC Declaration of Conformity Certificate

Ordering Information :

IBS3000         iBSplus (online)

IBS3100         iBSplus (offline)


Product code                            Part

ACC6NW001                 Sample Bottle, 250ml (2pcs)

ACC6NW002                 Sample Bottle, 250ml (100pcs)

ACC6NW003                 Vapour / Waster Bottle

ACC6NW005                 Printer Paper Reel (1pc)

ACC6NW009                 Waste Tube, Clear - 1m

ACC6NW010                 Vapour Hose, Blue, 1m

ACC6NW020                 iBS Transit Case

ACC6NW023                 Power Cable (UK)

ACC6NW024                 Power Cable (US)

ACC6NW025                 Power Cable (EUR)

ACC6NW028                 Drip Tray

ACC6NW031                 Stylus Pen Pack (3pcs)

ACC6NW032                 Polymer Lithium Ion Battery pack

SER.MISC.067                Verification Fluid (2 x 500ml) - SIX MONTH SHELF LIFE

ACC6NN031                  Low Pressure Hose, 1.5m

ACC6NN033                  Blanking Plugs


Key Features

  • Quick sample bottle analysis
  • Monitoring everywhere
  • Analysis moisture and temperature

Contact our expert

Martin Søvind Jensen

+45 2761 4502