The Insatech performance monitoring system with optical torque measurement  VAF T-Sense and TT-Sense

The use of T-Sense Torque measurement system or the TT-Sense Thrust and Torque measurement system from VAF Instruments has different impacts. 

The T-Sense system will provide you with data to aid; efficiency improvements, overload protections and prevention against breakdown costs. 

From the TT-Sense you will acquire insight into your propeller efficiency, hull resistance and vessel pitch optimization. Data that has the potential to reduce your operational costs, as it will aid you in establishing an optimal propulsion installation, and discover eventual malfunctions in the propulsion system at an early stage. Both of which are quite costly. 

Both the T and TT-Sense are designed to reduce your fuel costs considerably. For example, in the shipping industry their application has in some cases led to fuel savings of up to 5%.

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How it works

While both systems allow you to gather valuable performance data, their scope is different. 

T-Sense Optical Torque Measurement

The T-sense Torque meter measurements will increase your performance knowledge, as the measurements will provide you with accurate information about engine performance related to consumed energy. The T-Sense ensures you have continuous and real time measurements of torque, speed and power and thus provides you with valuable insight into your operation and changes to it, allowing you to operate your engine-driven installation more efficiently. 

TT-Sense Optical Thrust and Torque Measurements

The TT-Sense Thrust and Torque measurements on the other hand provide you with accurate measurements of your propeller efficiency related to consumed energy. The TT-Sense ensures your have continuous and real time measurements of thrust, torque, speed and power, thus enabling you to track and monitor operational changes. 

It means the logging of power, thrust, RPM, torque, and propeller quotient kN(Thrust)/kW(Torque), can lead to optimizations in the form of:

Real time measurements of propeller efficiency and optimal set point will provide the crew with information to adapt the propeller control to the sailing conditions and provide them with decision support. 

By having real time measurements of your trim your crew are able to adapt to the sailing conditions.

The information will also enable the crew to forecast performance via ship efficiency in addition to trending propeller and engine efficiency. It will aid the decision making with regard to maintenance planning and the crew will be able to see the impact of a hull cleaning. 

Using the sea trial data and monitoring of data will enable your to describe the ship power train and improve the decision making for propeller replacement and help you reduce propeller noise and wear. 

As for measurements regarding thrust the information will improve your operation, control of it's positioning and reduction of vibrations. 

As such the installation of the TT-sense has a large selection of benefits which will ultimately lead to decreased operational costs – and your profit gains.         


The T and TT- Senses are user-friendly and their intelligent design is based on proven and accurate technology with accurate optical sensors. Both Senses are fabricated in a robust and durable design, made to withstand the harsh and changing environment of the maritime industry.

They come with a high accuracy guaranteed, and overall error of less than 0,5 % F.S.D  

The T and TT-Sense are delivered with interface box, allowing for easy connection to the ships data network, monitoring or control system. 


The T-Sense can be mounted around the shaft by the vessel's crew or shipyard without engineering or commissioning assistance. The TT-Sense however requires installation assistance. Both measuring systems are maintenance free. 

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