Torque & Trust Measurements

The purpose of most machinery on board is to generate propulsion making it possible for the ship to move from A to B. A way to measure the efficiency of this process is by measuring the torque generated by the engine and propeller.  Combining this measurement with the fuel consumption will tell you how efficient the fuel is converted into propulsion. If you want to measure hull and propeller performance directly you need to measure thrust as well. This measurement can provide data on both the propellers ability to push the vessel and the drag caused by the hull. 


The Insatech performance monitoring system with optical torque measurement

The use of T-Sense Torque measurement system or TT-Sense Thrust and Torque measurement system from VAF Instruments means efficiency improvements, overload protections and prevention against breakdown costs. For example, in the shipping industry its application has in some cases led to fuel savings of up to 5%. The torque meter is easily installed because it is mounted directly on the shaft of the vessel and then sends data wirelessly.

The ShaftTRQ is a continuous shaft power measurement system that is easy and flexible to install and simple to operate.

That ShaftTRQ consists of two magnetic sensor belts and a terminal box with a screen. The touch screen display is intuitive to use and can display KPI’s such as: Torque [kNm], RPM, shaft power [kW] and live load diagram. Additionally, it can automatically generate reports (daily or sea trial).