Introduction to FleetViewer

It is a tough competitive market and maintaining a financially viable business and vessel operation becomes more difficult. “Navigating” the business as a Captain, Operator, or Fleet Manager is no easy task, as the data on which to manage, tends to be fragmented, placed in different systems or even hard copies. This means the operational overview is lacking and transparency is nonexistent. How do you make healthy decisions for thvessel, crew and business alike? 

Fact based decision making

FleetViewer helps you make vessel data operational and enhances decision-making, both on board and on shore. The Fleet Viewer data platform will supply your organiza­tion with a rich data set to take advantage off and will help you get the overview you need.

We supply and install a system, which collects all available data from your vessel. The data is collected in a database that allows correlation and displaying of data as KPI’s and targets on dashboards. Via the vessel’s internet connection, the dashboards are also available on shore.

If you are lacking ship data, Insatech Marine has more than 25 years of experience within the field of instrumen­tation, which means we will be able to assist you in finding the best instrumentation solutions that fits your needs. We also perform pre-inspections, engineering, installation, commissioning, service and support.

The Fleet Viewer platform also supports integration of most types of manually entered data, such as when and where your last hull cleaning took place, time of arrival and departure as well as data from other systems Operational data, such as your crewing system to let you see how crew changes affect your performance.

Co-creating the value that you need

With more than 500 installations on various types of vessels, we know our instrumentation and the conditions under which it must perform. As a performance system supplier, we know the advantage of using Big Data and which KPI’s add value on board.

However, to provide you with the management tool that you are looking for, we will embark on a co-creation process, to tailor Fleet Viewer into the exact tool you are looking for.

This means you will only get “the package” that you need with as many or few KPI’s that you need, as specified by our co-creation process. It ensures you only get the functionality that is essential to your organization. 

Future proof data platform

Fleet Viewer is for all operators regardless of fleet size or size of data set. The main functionality of Fleet Viewer is that it lets your organization facilitate the use of your existing data, but it is also future proof since you can add more data at a later point in time. For instance, if you install more meters on a ship or acquire third party data, it can be integrated into the system at your preferred time. This also means that the investment in your future sailing can be made gradually.

What can you accomplish with Fleet Viewer?

Optimize fuel utility

  • Vessel performance
  • Maintenance planning
  • Condition monitoring
  • Parts procurement
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Emmissions monitoring
  • MRV compliance
  • ECA compliance
  • Bunker operation
  • Voyage overview & history
  • And more 

FleetViewer display examples

Flow Meters - ME & GE

See the detailed measurements at each flow meter. A power tool for troubleshooting.



SFOC - Generator Engines

Track the impact of generator engine load on the specific fuel oil consumption and quantity the cost impact of running at sub-optimal load under any given condition.



Noon to noon

Get the classic "noon to noon" report and get a quick overview in the traditional layout.



Trim & List

Follow the dynamic trim and list to ensure that the vessel is optimizing its condition to the current speed and draft.

See how long time it takes to complete trimming operations post departure due to f.x. draft restrictions.



Date to date

Follow the track of the vessel with color coding for performance according your KPI of choice, e.g. charter party speed and consumption compared to measured speed and consumption.





Get the mandatory MRV data of time and consumption reported automatically to your chosen verifier.




World Map

Follow the location of every vessel in your fleet, with color coding for your chosen KPI(s).






Key Features

  • Flexible solution
  • Continuous updates
  • Different Server options