VariFow is a multi-jet steam conditioning system, designed to combine efficient water spraying with high regulating power. VariFlow desuperheater fills the gap between simple cooling and advanced high-performance "turndown" solutions.

Nozzle heads with 1 to 15 nozzles that deliver excellent atomization in a fixed area.
Primarily intended for use where the load is almost constant.

VariSpring is a spring-loaded nozzle head and is controlled automatically by means of an installed control valve on the outlet side.

VariSpray is a desuperheater with fixed-area nozzles and is used for injecting water droplets into steam via a venturi-shaped section. Particularly suitable for low speed vapors

Vapor conditioning of Venturi type with fixed area. Mainly intended for moderate loads and where precise temperature control is essential.

A robust and compact design valve for temperature control and temperature reduction of steam for welding in the pipe system

Desuperheater at temperatures down to -100 ° C. Primarily for gases.

Variable, desuperheater for cryogenic media. Here, for example. mention is made of liquid LNG at temperatures from -130 ° C down to -150 ° C, depending on the pressure.