A range of ballast water tests and measuring solutions. high end bacteria measurement with a portable device on ballast water, to simple test kits and even the first seen online ballast water measuring sensor.

Being able to measure viscosity oil on board is of great value. Both for spot testing bunker oil such as HFO and lubrication oil, but also continuous measurements in fuel line systems greatly improves the ability to operate a vessel optimally. The viscosity will greatly impact the fuels efficiency and ensuring that the oil is heated correctly to obtain the optimal viscosity, will help in engine operation optimization.

Data and signal collection and handling is generally considered as the collection and "manipulation" of items of data to produce meaningful information. So data processeing basicly occours when data is collected and translated into usable information. Shipping is a tough competitive market and maintaining a financially viable business and vessel operation has become increasingly difficult. The market is turning to big data to get a competitive edge. But data tends to be fragmented, placed in different systems or exist only in hard copy. This lack of operational overview makes it very difficult for Captains, Operators and Fleet Managers to make the right decisions that could give your business an edge.

We can offer a long range of mechanical flow meters with different working principles so we can find an exact fit for your application. All the way from DN800 heavy fuel oil bunker flow meters to small MGO flow meters suitable for a boat.

Delivery of bunker using volume based measurements e.g. sounding can become imprecise because many factors come into play when calculating the mass. Since fuel costs constitute between 50-70% of ship’s total operating costs even small differences in fuel quantity can become large costs for ship-owners and operators. Insatech has developed Bunker Management Systems, based on the Coriolis mass flow meter, for both vessel and bunker barge that always ensures that the right quality and quantity is received or delivered. We also deliver a Bunker Blending solution that ensures delivery of bunker at any viscosity using the minimum but correct amount of gas oil.

The cargo holds and ballast tanks take up the most space in the vessel. In order to keep track of how much of this space is in use Insatech has developed a flexible Cargo Management system, InsaCargo, that can be retrofitted and customized to your needs.

Effective machinery and oil condition monitoring provide the end user with the ability to predict breakdown and eliminate or reduce the associated cost of failure.

There is a growing focus on emissions especially from ships as they are considered a significant source of e.g. air and water pollution. In order to meet requirements and regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Insatech sells and develops solutions that help you document and bring down emissions. For example we have ODME and Bilge Alarm solutions that help you detect oil in discharge water and sending it to the slop tanks, while documenting legal emissions. We also have the Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer and S3 Smart Sulfur Switch that helps you detect and document the sulfur content in your fuel oil.

Insatech marine instruments

Here we can provide you with all calibration solutions such as (Temperature, Pressure, Weight …..etc) . Aslo we have the Torque measurement system to prevent your ship from breakdown cost. The flowmeters and vibrations sensors are very important to provide you with accurate measuring .

The engine room is at the core of any vessel. Insatech delivers several different components and solutions for the engine room that assures the engine is running optimally. Our Fuel Consumption System gives you insight into your engine and generator fuel consumption. With this real-time monitoring you will be able to understand which factors influence your ship’s fuel efficiency and what changes affects it – meaning fuel savings. Our Performance Monitoring System will help you gain insight into your engine performance by measuring torque and thrust as well as fuel consumption.

Being able to control flow, flow rates and flow direction, is critical to many processes. Depending on process flow, pressure and media, different types of valves need to be utilized. Ball valves, needle valves, solenoid valves, butterfly valves and pressure relieve valves, are some of the more common valves used on board ships. Furthermore, most valves can be remotely operated via actuators and signals.

A series of water test kits, that are non-hazardous for easy shipping.

We offer a various range of oil in water instrument for marine and offshore use. From your regular 15ppm bilge alarm to a dirty water application which could ocur on offshore vessel or platform. We also have a secure 15 ppm bilgealarm which is tamperproof if this sort of security is need onboard.

Checking the fuel during delivery allowing ships personnel to verify that the Sulphur content shown on the bunker delivery note is correct, thus eliminating the risk of accidental non-compliance with an easy to use sulphur analyzer. To meet even further needs of the industry, Insatech offers Rigaku’s NEX QC Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer. It is a simple and versatile ECXRF analyzer for the analysis of sulfur and other elements in a wide variety of petroleum fuels, including bunker and diesel.

The purpose of most machinery on board is to generate propulsion making it possible for the ship to move from A to B. A way to measure the efficiency of this process is by measuring the torque generated by the engine and propeller. Combining this measurement with the fuel consumption will tell you how efficient the fuel is converted into propulsion. If you want to measure hull and propeller performance directly you need to measure thrust as well. This measurement can provide data on both the propellers ability to push the vessel and the drag caused by the hull.