ANALEX pqL - PQ Index Wear Debris

Product Code: FG-K17000-KW 

It is common to use ANALEX PQ equipment to show wear debris of Used Oil Analysis samples in the laboratory.

The ferrous debris monitor provides the most accurate means of detecting and measuring ferrous wear debris in lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and greases.

 is a completely new instrument developed to replace the widely used pqM and pqA. Using new hardware and upgrading software.                                                                              



  •  Easy to upgrade.
  •  minimize footprint.
  •  Increased reliability and durability
  •  Laboratory’s sample capacity increased (PC and Ethernet).
  •  4 x USB Ports 
  •  Supported to barcode scanner (optional)
  •  Increased accuracy and low range reproducibility
  •  Ability to connect to the PC and Ethernet




Repeatabili :                    ±4 PQ or ±1% (whichever is greater)   

Resolution:                       1 PQ

Measurement Range:       0- 5000 PQ

Cycle Duration:                4 Seconds

Minimum PQ Detection:   1 PQ

Size & Weight:                  370 mm x 230 mm (3.6 kg)


Optional Extras:

Product code                     Description

FG-K18300-KW                 Printer Kit

FG-K18311-KW                Barcode Scanner

FG-K18305-KW                Spare Paper




FG-K3-208-KW               100 ml HDPE sample bottles (288)

FG-K3-207-KW               100 ml PET sample bottles (288)

FG-K15005-KW               5 ml plastic sample pots for oils and greases (3000)


Key Features

  • Ferrous Debris Monitor
  • Simple to use
  • Minimise off-hire and demurrage.

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