ANALEX pqL - PQ Index Wear Debris

Product Code: FG-K17000-KW 

The Kittiwake ANALEXpqL Ferrous Debris Monitor

The instrument provides the most accurate means of detecting and measuring ferrous wear debris in lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and greases. The rugged, compact and stable monitor delivers retrievable data quickly and simply, ensuring fast, accurate and consistent management of lubricating oil samples.

Unrestricted by particle size or distribution, combined with speed and ease of use, the ANALEXpqL is an extremely effective laboratory based screening tool for multiple samples prior to further analysis by ICP or XRF.

Condition monitoring of machinery lubricants is an established method of predicting and avoiding impending machinery breakdown. Worn components can be identified early and replaced before any serious damage occurs. Production can be maintained, machinery life extended and the return on capital investment increased.

PqL vs. ppm

The ANALEX pql analyser is a piece of laboratory equipment which measures ferrous debris in pq.  PQ is an arbitrary unit used by laboratories to determine if large particles of iron are present in samples.  The ANALEX PQ instruments are normally used by companies who have a oil analysis programme, where their laboratories also give results in pq and so laboratory and field results can be correlated. Further to the basic instrument some level of automation can be added to the pqL with the use of a stacker which can hold 20 samples at a time.

 The pql stacker and Auxilium software

The pqL stacker is an accessory to enable additional functionality to the basic unit.  It is a tower which attaches to the top of the pqL to hold 20 of the 5ml pq pots and enable a level of automation to sampling.  It is best used with the Auxilium software as this will be needed to program the sample details and set the intervals between each sample being processed (it also aids the import of data into the customer's existing lab software systems).  



  •  Easy to upgrade.
  •  minimize footprint.
  •  Increased reliability and durability
  •  Laboratory’s sample capacity increased (PC and Ethernet).
  •  4 x USB Ports 
  •  Supported to barcode scanner (optional)
  •  Increased accuracy and low range reproducibility
  •  Ability to connect to the PC and Ethernet



Repeatabili :                    ±4 PQ or ±1% (whichever is greater)   

Resolution:                       1 PQ

Measurement Range:       0- 5000 PQ

Cycle Duration:                4 Seconds

Minimum PQ Detection:   1 PQ

Size & Weight:                  370 mm x 230 mm (3.6 kg)


Optional Extras:

Product code                     Description

FG-K18300-KW                 Printer Kit

FG-K18311-KW                Barcode Scanner

FG-K18305-KW                Spare Paper




FG-K3-208-KW               100 ml HDPE sample bottles (288)

FG-K3-207-KW               100 ml PET sample bottles (288)

FG-K15005-KW               5 ml plastic sample pots for oils and greases (3000)


Key Features

  • Ferrous Debris Monitor
  • Simple to use
  • Minimise off-hire and demurrage.

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