Milliflow VAF (1)

LoFlow® piston flowmeters, operating on the positive displacement principle, are used in continuous metering applications, in-line blending processes and batch applications. The accuracy of the Milliflow® meter is better than 0,5% and the repeatability is 0,05%.

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Suitable for flow ranges from 1 l/hr up to 200 l/hr

LoFlow Series M is mechanical positive volume displacement piston flow meter for low flow. They are suitable for liquid, fuel consumtion and oil flow.

Milliflow®meter are available in connection sizes from 8 mm up to 12 mm representing maximum flow ranges from 1 l/hr up to 200 l/hr. For registration of the measured amount of liquid VAF LoFlow® meters can be fitted with various combinations of counters and pulse transmitters


Features & benefits

  • Designed for rough industrial environments as well as for laboratory use.
  • Dependable micro-precision piston operation.
  • Measuring accuracy better than +/- 0.5% of rate.
  • Handles viscosities up to 500 mPa.s (consult factory for higher viscosities).
  • Local totaliser and/or pulse transmitters according NAMUR for data processing.
  • Pressure ratings up to 100 bar.
  • Blending and batching system accuracy.
  • Saves on raw materials. Consistent end-product quality.
  • Handles wide variety of liquids
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • A full line of display and signal processing instrumentation, including flow computers, available from one supplier.

Typical accuracy

Limits in red area are guaranteed by factory calibration. Within a narrower measuring range the accuracy will be better

Milliflow VAF 2
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Specifications & Manuals

  • Brochure - Loflow Milliflow Meters - VAF Instruments
    English | pdf
  • Technical Manual - Milliflow - VAF Instruments
    English | pdf
  • ABS Certificate Flowmeters
    English | pdf
  • GL Certificate Flowmeters
    English | pdf
  • LR Certificate Flowmeters
    English | pdf

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