Model PT2 / Fuel Oil Flowmeters

Sliding Vane Meters DN 15-50 (½”-2”)

VAF Instruments flowmeters perform liquid measurement with the

highest accuracy.

VAF Instruments positive displacement flowmeters operate on the sliding vane

principle. The meter consists of a specially shaped housing in which a rotor can

rotate freely. Two pairs of vanes are placed into four slots in the rotor. Each pair

is positioned by a rod and can move in and out of the rotor.

The flowmeter is driven by the process liquid which makes it suitable for distant locations without power supply.

VAF Instruments flowmeters are available in sizes from 8 mm up to 300 mm (1 l/hr up to 960



PT2 flowmeters are available in connection sizes from 15 mm up to 50 mm representing maximum flow ranges from 50 l/min up to 500 l/min.

PT2 flowmeters are designed especially for fuel consumption measurement under difficult circumstances e.g. on board of ships. And developed for measurement of all kinds of hydrocarbon liquids in particular medium and heavy fuel oils for combustion engines, lubricating oils and many other oil-like liquids.

 Applications :

  • Fuel consumption measurement of diesel engines and oil burners.
  • Measurement of liquid movement in hydraulic system
  • Accurate measurement of viscous liquids at low flow-rates.

Features & benefits:

  •          High capacity and rangeability
  •          High accuracy (down to ± 0,2%).
  •          Constructed to CE standards and ISO 9001
  •          One meter for a wide range of flows.
  •          Easy to service and operate.
  •          Low operation cost.
  •          Easy to integrate in compact systems.
  •          No auxiliary power needed.



 Options and accessoires :

Flow computers and totalisers , Liquid filter/Airvent ,