LoFlow Series M

Milliflow® Piston Meters DN 8-12 mm

Milliflow®meter are available in connection sizes from 8 mm up to 12 mm representing maximum flow ranges from 1 l/hr up to 200 l/hr. For registration of the measured amount of liquid VAF LoFlow® meters can be fitted with various combinations of counters and pulse transmitters


Typical accuracy

Limits in red area are guaranteed by factory calibration. Within a narrower measuring range the accuracy will be better



Features & benefits :

  •         Designed for rough industrial environments as well as for laboratory use.
  •         Dependable micro-precision piston operation.
  •         Measuring accuracy better than +/- 0.5% of rate.
  •         Handles viscosities up to 500 mPa.s (consult factory for higher viscosities).
  •         Local totaliser and/or pulse transmitters according NAMUR for data processing.
  •         Pressure ratings up to 100 bar.
  •         Blending and batching system accuracy.
  •         Saves on raw materials. Consistent end-product quality.
  •         Handles wide variety of liquids
  •        Easy to install and operate.
  •        A full line of display and signal processing instrumentation, including flow computers, available from one supplier.