We provide flow meters of high accuracy of both volumetric and mass based measurement. Primarily used for fuel consumption flow measurement, but also for lube oil consumption monitoring and other applications. Whether it is low or high density; high or low viscosity or high or low flows, we have a suitable meter for your installation.

We introduce calibration solutions for the Marine and Offshore Industry. The equipment can be purchased as single components, or we can deliver configurable/customized solutions in transport boxes. We have instruments to calibrate; temperature, pneumatic pressure, weight and more. We also offer Calibration services for pressure, temperature, liquid flow, emissions and sulphur in oil.

Monitoring the viscosity and density of your fuel oil is very important to prevent engine damage and reducing the cost of maintenance.

The Insatech performance monitoring system with optical torque measurement

The use of T-Sense Torque measurement system or TT-Sense Thrust and Torque measurement system from VAF Instruments means efficiency improvements, overload protections and prevention against breakdown costs. For example, in the shipping industry its application has in some cases led to fuel savings of up to 5%. The torque meter is easily installed because it is mounted directly on the shaft of the vessel and then sends data wirelessly.

NMEA2MODB NMEA to Modbus - Bridge & Modbus Gateway

The NMEA to Modbus Gateway (NMEA2MODB) is an Ethernet-based versatile I/O unit, which can be used in various monitoring and control applications. The unit is designed to be particularly suitable for ship applications, such as Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS). You are able to get data from navigation equipment such as GPS, Gyro, Torque, Wind, Speed, Depth etc. The NMEA2MODB is easily set up using a normal web browser and if you need more I/O channels the NMEA2MODB can be daisy chained via the built-in Ethernet switch.

IKM Instrutek produce high quality vibration sensors. The sensors are used worldwide in the field of offshore, maritime, hydropower and industrial sectors. There are solutions for both online and offline vibration measurement which we can help you with to find the solution that suits you best.

The ShaftTRQ is a continuous shaft power measurement system that is easy and flexible to install and simple to operate.

That ShaftTRQ consists of two magnetic sensor belts and a terminal box with a screen. The touch screen display is intuitive to use and can display KPI’s such as: Torque [kNm], RPM, shaft power [kW] and live load diagram. Additionally, it can automatically generate reports (daily or sea trial).

DeltawaveC-WD is the new ultrasonic thickness gauge for precise and easy measurements of thickness of pipes and components.

PMI mk2: 2- and 4-stroke engine cylinder pressure measurement for Cylinder pressure analysis, similar alternative to the Leutert DPI, from TX Marine

Cori-Flow Dosing Box for fuel/water additive dosing

The system is based on a fuel flow or water meter combined with an additive dosing unit, consisting of a second flowmeter directly controlling a pump, dosing an additive. These flow instruments function as a master-slave system withratio control. The fuel flow / water meter will be the master and the additive dosing box will follow the master with acertain ratio, where the additive will be injected into the fuel/water line according to the required rate ofppm’s/percentages.

Choose the right pressure transmitter for the job