The ODME systems from Insatech Marine are field tested and proven solutions that complies with current and future MARPOL’s MEPC requirements. The ODME is equipped with oil content meter, flow meter, GPS functionality, data logging and programming that ensures minimum of action from the operator and supervisor. We also offer comprehensive installation, commissioning and training and since the ODME is a required system, we offer a tailor made service program with preventive maintenance including spare parts handling, periodical on board service and remote support.

15ppm Bilge Alarm

The BilgeMon 488 15ppm Bilge Alarm is used in connection with the ship's oil filtering equipment where it monitors the oil content of the separated/filtered water. The Bilge Monitor is approved according to the latest IMO MEPC.107(49) rules and can therefore be used by smaller vessels in MARPOL "Special Areas" and by larger vessels as required by MARPOL Annex I. The BilgeMon 488 is compact and easy to install as a replacement for most old 15ppm alarms - A perfect retrofit.

A new product from Parker Kittiwake– a fully hand Portable XRF device (about the size of a bowling ball) that will analyse a 10ml (approximately) sample of fuel and give a lab quality Sulphur level to four decimal places within three minutes. No reagents or accurate sample sizes required, and the push of one button will give you the answer you need.

To meet the needs of the industry, Insatech offers Rigaku’s NEX QC Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer. It is a simple and versatile ECXRF analyzer for the analysis of sulfur and other elements in a wide variety of petroleum fuels, including bunker and diesel. The Sulfur in Fuel Oil Portable Analyzer is an important tool to meet the requirements for monitoring sulfur at these various levels, with the ability to measure sulfur over a broad range of concentrations and into the future as sulfur levels become even lower.

The Fresh Water Silver Ion Sterilizer type SILSTER 168 is based on a well proven method used for ages. Using silver ions for disinfection is completely harmless to humans, meeting the requirements of European Community directive 80/778/EEC.


Dirty Water Oil Content Monitor (Greenmon) - Using fluorescence spectroscopy with a free falling sample water jet, you avoid accuracy drift and frequent maintenance needs normally caused by fouling.

Brannström mastertrack 588

The Bilge Monitoring Mastertrack588 is your tamper proof system, it’s control and monitoring is used in connection with the ship's oil filtering equipment where it monitors the oil content of the mechanism to ensure the bilge water discharge from a ship is in accordance with MARPOL 73/78, i.e. it does not exceed the legal limit. The unit is required for vessels above 10.000 gross tons when operating in certain areas. The Mastertrack588 bilge monitor is thus your compliance tool.

The FastBallast from Chelsea Technologies Group is a high accuracy, battery powered, portable Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) monitor, which can be used to determine whether or not the BWT on board is compliant in its performance.

The S3 system distinguishes itself through its ability to always blend and adjust two fuels to the desired sulphur content. This enables monitoring and control of sulphur emissions. The system logs and reports nett fuel sulphur content, density, and the ship's position and speed. By installing the S3 system, the shipping company will meet MARPOL’s requirements for observance as well as documentation of sulphur emissions.

The World’s first real-time performance monitor for ballast water treatment systems.The bw monitor is permanently installed onboard. It measures and reports on the performance of filters and the biological efficacy of the disinfection unit.