Emissions are not something that must be monitored and controlled for environmental reasons. Most emissions are regulated by state and international laws and agreements, and therefore non-compliance to applicable rules can result in heavy fines or even imprisonment. Insatech Marine has many years of experience with equipment and instrumentation for emissions monitoring and control, and we can most likely find a solution for your specific needs.


The ODME systems from Insatech Marine are field tested and proven solutions that complies with current and future MARPOL’s MEPC requirements. The ODME is equipped with oil content meter, flow meter, GPS functionality, data logging and programming that ensures minimum of action from the operator and supervisor. We also offer comprehensive installation, commissioning and training and since the ODME is a required system, we offer a tailor made service program with preventive maintenance including spare parts handling, periodical on board service and remote support.

We offer a various range of oil in water instrument for marine and offshore use. From your regular 15ppm bilge alarm to a dirty water application which could ocur on offshore vessel or platform. We also have a secure 15 ppm bilgealarm which is tamperproof if this sort of security is need onboard.

The Fresh Water Silver Ion Sterilizer type SILSTER 168 is based on a well proven method used for ages. Using silver ions for disinfection is completely harmless to humans, meeting the requirements of European Community directive 80/778/EEC.

Checking the fuel during delivery allowing ships personnel to verify that the Sulphur content shown on the bunker delivery note is correct, thus eliminating the risk of accidental non-compliance with an easy to use sulphur analyzer. To meet even further needs of the industry, Insatech offers Rigaku’s NEX QC Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer. It is a simple and versatile ECXRF analyzer for the analysis of sulfur and other elements in a wide variety of petroleum fuels, including bunker and diesel.

A range of ballast water tests and measuring solutions. high end bacteria measurement with a portable device on ballast water, to simple test kits and even the first seen online ballast water measuring sensor.