Yokogawa pressure transmitter

Standard pressure transmitter with digital silicon resonance sensor which ensures high accuracy and a large turn down, fitted with diaphragm attachments.

The measuring membrane is connected to the pressure transmitter via oil-filled capillary tube.

Used for measuring relative pressure where membrane attachment is required.

Membrane offsets are used where the process medium is not wanted into the pressure transmitter, either due to media resistance or high temperature application.

It could also be by measuring on media containing particles that can damage the measuring membranes, or by a medium being kept heated, where an unintended process stop (cooling) can solidify the medium, thereby destroying the pressure transmitter.

For assignments with inserts, Insatech also has the supplier Badotherm, which allows for a larger selection of inserts.

Also used for pressure measurement of liquids, gas and steam, can measure fluid level and perform density calculation.

Measuring range from 600 mbar to 160 bar distributed over 2 different measuring cells.

Accuracy ± 0.2% of span.

Output signal two-conductor 4 - 20 mA DC with digital communication, linear or square root output.

BRAIN or HART protocol overlaid in 4 - 20 mA signal.

Opportunity for the Fieldbus Foundation or Profibus PA.

Standard SIL 2 approved.

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